• Smart Troll II Expert Troller's Kit...

Includes - Paddlewheel Attachment

The Smart Troll II Expert Kit has Five Smart Troll II Probes.

Expert Trollers will want Depth, Temperature and Speed data for as many lines as possible.

You will like being able to tell the depth and water temperature of all four Dipsy's...plus one additional line. Or any 5 lines of your choice. Perhaps you want Probes on 4 Dipsy's plus one Probes with the Paddlewheel Attachments  on your downrigger for depth, temperature and down-speed data in the water column.

You can easily get those lines in 45 to 50 degree water at the right down-speed. And you are sure to find big King Salmon there since that is their preferred temperature. No matter what they swim off to do...sooner or later they return to their preferred temperature.

With the Paddlewheel Attachments you can be at the water speed that you prefer for the best lure action.

The Probe is very small (the size of an index finger) and can be attached to any fishing line with little or no drag or impact on the depth.

Depth and Temperature data is transmitted wirelessly through the water to your boat and can be displayed on any android device.

Probes can easily be attached to a Downrigger cable above the ball. 

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Smart Troll II Expert Troller's Kit...

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